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  • About La makerspace

    A brand new Makerspace serving Oakland public school youth.

    Our Story

    In September 2015, a team of intrepid La Escuelita teachers (led by Kerri Frederick) partnered with the Lighthouse Creativity Lab staff to outfit their school book-supply room and library into a makerspace. Since then, students have visited the makerspace each week to invent, tinker, and play!

    Our Vision

    La Makerspace is committed to bringing making to K-7 La Escuelita Elementary students in the Oakland Unified School District. We believe that all youth benefit from individualized, project-based learning. We dream of a school full of empowered makers who embody the five characteristics of Outstanding Makers--Compassion, Persistence, Creativity, Deep Thinking, and Responsibility. We envision a school where making is the key to real world learning, and where teachers and students join together joyfully to make our community better through design.


    We are  interested in involving the entire school community in making through curriculum integration, teacher collaboration, and parent/volunteer participation.

  • Projects

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    Imaginative Play Lab

    Bringing joy back to the classroom

    Our kindergartners develop motor skills in our Imaginative Play Lab, leaping across River Stones and mashing up kinetic sand. We also focus heavily on sharing and communication skills. Coordination, precision, physicality, fun!

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    Science Integration - Electricity workshop

    Making things move, light up, whir, and ding...with electricity!

    2nd-7th graders have come to Makerspace this year to tinker with electric circuitry...and figure out the science behind lightswitches, computer keyboards, LEDs, and buzzers!

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    Toys, Toys Everywhere

    Make your own fun!

    There has been a void of great toys at La Escuelita, but have no fear - our 2nd-7th graders are inventing new ones! Students have been using the same techniques that professional designers use to brainstorm ideas, make plans, draw blueprints, collaborate on a team, and build model toys.

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    Technology Workshop - Coding and Keyboards

    What can you do with a programming language?

    We believe that all students at La Escuelita should develop the agency to design and create in the digital sphere. This year, 4th-7th grade students have tinkered with Makey Makeys and Scratch computer programming to design unique keyboards and coded animations. Watch out, Silicon Valley, here comes LE!

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    Engineering Challenge

    Saving us from zombies since 2015.

    Can you build a bridge made out of paper and tape that can carry 10 pounds of blocks? Sounds like a tough challenge, but our 1st graders were up to the job.

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    Storytelling, Documenting, and Reflection

    Because all Outstanding Makers keep a record of their travels

    Each student at La Makerspace keeps their own record of their inventions, and reflections on their own making process. We believe it is vital for all makers to be meta-cognitive about what it takes to be an outstanding designer, engineer, and inventor.

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    Behind The Scenes - And Based On A Book!

    Props and costumes based on Greek myths

    Hades, Heracles, Zeus, and Poseidon...Makerspace style! Based on Ms. Carmen's bilingual 2nd grade class' study of Greek myth, we've made all the props and costumes to put on a play!

  • The Blog

    What are we up to?

    More Posts

    For our students to become Outstanding Makers, La Makerspace needs materials!


    Recyclables. Electronics. Craft Materials. Tools. Paper. Office Supplies. Art Supplies.

    And so much more!


    Please consider making an in-kind donation to La Makerspace.

    Help bring making to Oakland Unified public school students.

  • Get involved

    We need you.


    To get our new space off the ground and tools in the hands of youth,

    we need inventors, dreamers, programmers, painters, parents,

    tool-makers, tinkerers, craft-mavens, and artists of all kinds.

  • Who we are

    The lovely volunteers and staff who are making this project a reality

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    Kerri Frederick

    La Escuelita EEIP Teacher

    Kerri Frederick is the EEIP Teacher at La Escuelita. (EEIP = Elementary Enhancement and Intervention Program) She believes in the importance of play... and looks for opportunities that will help bring tinkering and designing and Making to the students of La Escuelita.

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    Rei Jackler

    Makerspace Manager

    Rei is an Oakland arts educator, design teacher, writer, and maker nerd. She holds a Masters in Teaching from Stanford. In Oakland, she has taught humanities at Oakland International High School, theater at Howard Elementary, and design with Chapter 510. Rei loves making of all kinds: knitting multi-colored scarves, writing fantastical short stories, and baking with a lot of chocolate. She can't wait to enliven the maker spirit at La Escuelita through work with La Makerspace!

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    Erik Pirmann

    Americorps VISTA

    Erik graduated from Central Bucks High School South in Warrington, PA, and wants to attend the University of Chicago next year. During his VISTA year, he wants to expand La Makerspace to include the entire community. He is passionate about making both inside and outside of the classroom, and tinkers for fun on the weekends. He is finishing up his first novel, a superhero story set in Victorian London. He drinks too much coffee.

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    Ahmad Jackson

    Youth Intern

    Ahmad Jackson is a tenth grader at Metwest High School, and spends Tuesday afternoons making alongside the La Escuelita Makers. It brings a lot of happiness to his life.

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