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Lighthouse Mini Maker Faire

A small group of students visited Lighthouse Community Charter School’s Mini Maker Faire last month!

Several schools were invited to share at the Mini Maker Faire, but La Escuelita students went above and beyond expectations. They brought a jump rope spinner with them, as well as personal creations.

La Escuelita students were not content to stand back and present their projects. They took action and invited people, students and adults alike, to take part in their activities and make. They delighted in teaching how to finger knit and create custom jump ropes. As one student said, "It was really cool being able to share what we've been doing in Makerspace with other kids!"

They also found some time to see what other schools had presented, and many were amazed by the level of deep thinking shown. Several prototypes were on display, proofs of concept that had been tinkered on for months.

The Mini Maker Faire was an excellent opportunity to connect La Escuelita to the greater Oakland community of Makers. The students can’t wait until next year!

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