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Toy Design: Part 1

This week at La Makerspace, the students have designed their own toys!

As an extension of the design and engineering unit, students are putting what they've learned to good use by designing something they plan to really use. (Toys!) In their Maker Journals, they sketch out a blueprint of what the toy will look like, making sure to use correct measurements and labels. These blueprints needs to be understood, after all.

Then, they need to list out all the materials they plan on using, and how much of each material they'll want. This is important, as La Makerspace needs to keep track of its supplies. By including an inventory of materials, students help to make sure that both their toy can be completed and La Makerspace won't run out of supplies before they're done!

Finally, the young Makers will build a prototype for their toy (like the prototype bridges and grabbers they've built before). This acts as a proof of concept, showing that their idea makes a great toy!

Next week, we'll be building the real toys based on their designs. Check back here for more La Makerspace updates then!

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